Our first press release unveils the program framework and graphic design

The fourth iteration of Marienbad Film festival will take place during the last week of summer holidays located in the heart of picturesque Mariánské Lázně. From August 28 until August 31, 2019 it will feature a program focused on experimental pictures, classics of world cinema in fresh arrangements and also an homage to Petr Lébl, a giant of Czech theatre direction. The calm spa town will also cheer up with a film- education and musical program. This year’s graphic design is inspired by the classic film Last Year at Marienbad of French director Alain Resnais.


The Marienbad Film Festival Retrospective section will feature Petr Lébl, the legendary director, actor, visual artist and creative director of the Na Zábradlí theater. This year it will mark 20 years since his passing. While primarily known for his theater work, the festival will focus on Lébl’s work as television director. It will also present other directors’ viewpoints of his life and work. Festival Art Director Lubomír Konečný comments “We want to present Petr Lébl as a filmmaker. We will review the features, reportages and debate shows he created for Czech Television. We will also screen recordings of his theater productions”.

The new Extravaganza section will bring to life a Cinema-Café, a brand-new location created specifically for the festival. It will serve up some delicious spectator favorites.

The workshop style section Forum Marienbad will discover experimentally minded films from across the world selected from and international open call. Festival Director Zuzana Stejskalová comments “We received 142 works from 32 countries in our fourth festival iteration. The festival provides an opportunity for presentation. A key condition of this section is the physical presence of the filmmakers in Mariánské Lázně”.

The Theatre Electrique section will direct its attention towards experimental filmmaking and narration in the Czech Republic. Cinema Excelsior will focus on the work of a selected international creator.

See the press release for more information.