Season Opening June 27 2020

Saturday 27th june 2020 22:10
The main colonnade of Marienbad
Bong Joon-ho: Parasite (Black and white version)
Admission: 100 Kč
All-season admission: 500 Kč (includes accreditation for the festival on August 27-30)

Full program:

Transforming the shared perception of audio-vision (debate)

21:10 - 22:00

22:10 - 00:25
Parasite (black and white version)

00:25 - 01:25
Reaching (Ergriffenheit)

Overnight (included in the entrance fee)
Camp Nietzsche

The Marienbad Film Festival will show a restored version of the Last Year In Marienbad movie

In its 'Retrospective' section, the Marienbad Film Festival, which takes place from 28th to 31st August this year, will present director Alain Resnais, showing a restored version of his film Last Year in Marienbad, and also the actress Audrey Hepburn. The festival will welcome one of the most important European directors BenceFliegauf. The main 'Theater Electrique' section will feature film by award-winning Argentine director Eduardo Williams, who will introduce it personally together with the actor Nula Pérez Biscayart. This section will also present work of Czech authors Roman Štětina, Bohdan Karásek and Jan Kačena.

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Graphic design honors Last Year at Marienbad

The graphic design of the fourth year of Marienbad Film Festival presents some fairly dramatic changes. Jakub Samek, one of the foremost Czech designers and typographers, is responsible for this year’s look. It is inspired by the classic film Last Year at Marienbad of director Alain Resnais, the same film that brought about the idea to establish Marienbad Film Festival to begin with.

Full Moon to bring Katarzia!

The resident cultural society, Švihák, will traditionally join forces with Full Moon magazine to provide the accompanying program of Marienbad Film Festival. Ferdinand’s spring colonnade will host Katarzia, Zabelov Group, +-0, Market, Kittchen, Aid Kid and Isama Zing. The main film program will also be supplemented by lectures, video clip presentations and electronic music workshops.

Ticketing started

We started ticketing in collaboration with Goout. The festival pass provides the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Mariánské Lázně for the full duration of the festival at a friendly price. This year students pay only CZK 300 for entry to all events. Adults can purchase the festival pass for CZK 500. For philatropists that would like to support our festival we offer Sponsor pass which starts at CZK 3,000.

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